The Hexagon Man.

by Tony

The July issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine is out, and I have a review of TNA Impact: Cross the Line at the very end of the reviews section.  To avoid spoiling the review too much, I will only say one thing: this is the sort of game I would break out the Haiku Man gimmick for.  Although it would have flown at Gaming-Age Online, it probably won’t do at the new digs.

“But Tony,” you say, “You used Haiku Man as a crutch for whenever you were too lazy to review!”

That would be true, but in this case I’m gong to break off some Haiku Man independent of the mag:

TNA Impact
Seven seasons come and gone
Does it still hold up?

Buy the mag and figure out, or just pick it up for the sweet, sweet Assassin’s Creed cover story.  Whichever.