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Press Reset

A short time after the last post, I took a short leave of absence from writing. A lot of things happened in my life, I had to change things for the better, and I refocused on the things that I could use to improve myself. Regrettably, Writing About Video Games was not one of them. Said […]

The Timely Man.

Ah yes, September.  This year was a sort of milestone, as the PlayStation brand hit its 15th year in the United States.  As a result, I was tapped for a thrilling historical retrospective of the game dynasty that was Sony. Format-wise, it was a bit gimmicky and a bit easier to work: 45 entries, 15 […]

The Magic Man.

Ah yes, reviews.  The bane of my existence, and my least favorite use of words.  Thankfully, this month I had to roll through two.  While Lego Harry Potter was a complete snooze, I’ve still found some play out of Ace Combat: Joint Assault.  While not a huge fan of flight games, there’s a certain charm […]

The Highlight Man.

Out of all the print pieces I’ve read about LBP2, PTOM’s is both the most informative and the most enthusiastic — and that’s saying something considering Edge’s approach a while back. The enthusiasm catches on like a contagious virus in the rest of the mag, which includes a section on the two lucha libre games currently […]

El Hombre Del Misterio.

Somehow, I feel I’ve become The Wrestling Guy in the P:TOM freelancer pool.  I can’t act too surprised, as my superior knows full well that I watch entirely too much of it.  Although, so does he–so it works out*. This month saw a little bit of a change of pace, as I was entrusted with a […]

The Hexagon Man.

The July issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine is out, and I have a review of TNA Impact: Cross the Line at the very end of the reviews section.  To avoid spoiling the review too much, I will only say one thing: this is the sort of game I would break out the Haiku Man […]

The Marathon Man.

On Monday, May the 3rd, I received a letter from the CEO of Staples congratulating me on finishing the Boston Marathon. I’ve never been in Boston, nor am I in shape to run a marathon.  So I did the honorable thing, left a voicemail: “Thank you for the congratulatory letter.  My mother always said I […]

The Journeyman.

Five years. For five years, I had worked with the fine people at  Starting with a pair of reviews due to current Shacknews editor Chris Faylor’s distaste for mediocre games (Tak 2 and Duel Masters), I found myself winding down a road that hasn’t yet found its end.  I met the man who first designed […]