The Highlight Man.

by Tony

Out of all the print pieces I’ve read about¬†LBP2, PTOM’s is both the most informative and the most enthusiastic — and that’s saying something considering Edge’s approach a while back.

The enthusiasm catches on like a contagious virus in the rest of the mag, which includes a section on the two lucha libre games currently in development and a bit of a weird feature, “Big Bad & Dangerous,” that features lists of things like big guns, annoying characters, really fat enemies, and so forth. A bizarre, but fun, way to fill six pages, definitely.

My article got mentioned on Gamasutra by Kevin Gifford. I used to read his (long-defunct) site Video Fenky on a near-daily basis, so it’s an honor to even get indirect props from the man. ¬† I do need to read Gamasutra more often, I think, because The Boss keeps sending me links from the site–including this one, that I would have missed otherwise.