The Journeyman.

by Tony

Five years.

For five years, I had worked with the fine people at  Starting with a pair of reviews due to current Shacknews editor Chris Faylor’s distaste for mediocre games (Tak 2 and Duel Masters), I found myself winding down a road that hasn’t yet found its end.  I met the man who first designed Mega Man, I sat in the same cramped conference room as the people behind Half-Life, and I got to–twenty years after I watched Hulk Hogan body slam Andre the Giant in the Pontiac Silverdome–go to WrestleMania.

All things come to an end eventually, and on January 25th, 2010 I made my formal announcement to my coworkers that I was retiring from the site.

That brings us to May, 2010.

Actually, let’s take this back a few years.  In September of 1997, a magazine called PSM debuted.  Probably due to a subscription card coming in a game package, I found myself with a subscription to it.  The details are hazy, but that’s what thirteen years does to insignificant details.  Regardless, I had the magazine since the first issue and can even remember jokingly noting to my girlfriend at the time that the Resident Evil decal that came in an early issue looked like me when I woke up.  That didn’t last long.  Neither did my subscription to PSM, as I moved largely away from games until 2002.

Since then, PSM had become PlayStation: The Official Magazine.  I’d be lying if I said I read it prior, but an opportunity arose when a business contact and friend in Greg Orlando made the call for freelancers.  I answered, and in the May, 2010 issue lie a short feature article about games-based social networking sites called Social Studies.

Already finished, but not yet published, is a review of a new game due out in June.

And being built right now, but not quite there, is something a little bigger yet.