The Timely Man.

by Tony

Ah yes, September.  This year was a sort of milestone, as the PlayStation brand hit its 15th year in the United States.  As a result, I was tapped for a thrilling historical retrospective of the game dynasty that was Sony.

Format-wise, it was a bit gimmicky and a bit easier to work: 45 entries, 15 years, a timeline encapsulating them all.  From the meteoric high of outselling everybody to the crushing lows of Bubsy 3D, the PlayStation story has been a long and windy road with a few obscurities along the way.

It was a fun project to work on, and made me realize just how corny mid-90s ad blitzes were.  Polygon Man?  U R NOT(RED)E? That sort of cheese escalated until around 2002 or so, with a defined peak coming in Nintendo putting Matt and Jeff Hardy in a commercial for Majora’s Mask.

Now there’s a classy cross-promotion.